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Square Legs
Overall this square leg looks nice, and I feel a noticeable difference when moving through the water. Very little resistance. That is the part that surprised me and made me feel like I am wearing som Read More
No more falling bottles
The main issue I had with other drying racks were that bottles tend to have a domino effect when placed upside down to dry. I love how the bottles stay in place when pushed down in the grass. My pum Read More
Doesn’t last…
ORIGINAL REVIEWI love these! I had a far more expensive pair ($150) that only lasted a few months before they refused to connect to my phone. These have taken a beating, the battery lasts a long ti Read More
It works…
What can I say? It’s just a wall plug that works. It is nothing fancy. I only use this to charge my ravpower 22000mah. It tends to be come warm while charging. I have only used this once.I Read More